Speaker Date Topic
Rebekah Monson, Co-founder and COO of WhereBy.Us Mar 29, 2018
Dr. Kelsey Banner, Neurologist Apr 05, 2018
The Brain and Aging
Brett Bibeau of the Miami River Commission Apr 12, 2018
What is happening on the Miami River?

The Mission of the Miami River Commission:

To act as the official coordinating clearinghouse for all public policy and projects related to the Miami River. To develop coordinated plans, priorities, programs, projects, and budgets that might substantially improve the river area. To act as the principal advocate and watchdog to ensure that river projects are funded and implemented in a proper and timely manner. To unite all governmental agencies, businesses, and residents in the area on river issues.


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Dr. Ted Malinin Apr 19, 2018
Charles Lindbergh and the Artificial Heart
Wendy Viciana, Community Outreach Manager Apr 26, 2018
Chapman Partnership's Mission for Providing Hope to Homeless Families