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On an annual basis since 1968, the Rotary Club of Miami has been awarding $1,000 to an outstanding officer of the Miami Police Department.  The award was created and funded by a generous contribution from Dr. Jack Griffitts, a successful Miami physician. 

The Griffitts Award is presented annually in late December to the Officer of the Year of the Miami PD by the Rotary Club of Miami.  The 12 candidates each year are all recipients of the Miami PD Officer of the Month award.


December 2012:  
Congratulations to Brandon Lanier and Joaquin Perez, winners of the 2012 Griffitts Award.  


DECEMBER 2011:  
The Rotary Club of Miami presented Detective Dexter McGahee with the annual Griffitts award at the Hard Rock Cafe in Bayside.  The Griffitts award recognizes the City of Miami Officer of the Year.  
Shown here are President Elect David Anderson, Marlo McGahee, Dexter McGahee and Griffitts Chairman, Norman Kassoff.