Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Richard Souviron Sep 19, 2019
Taking a Bite out of the the Ted Bundy Investigation and Conviction
Paulette Pfeiffer, Silent Victims of Crime Oct 03, 2019
The Children Left Behind From Parental Crime
Beryl Sue Correia Oct 10, 2019
Open Your Mouth (Oral Health) & Put Your Foot in It (Neurological Disorders)
Jordan Harwell, National Academy of Police Diving Oct 17, 2019
Secrets in the Canals
Norm Kassoff Oct 24, 2019
World Polio Day

Our own Norm Kassoff, a polio survivor, will speak today. We will be joined by the Rotary Club of Coconut Grove.

Gale Nelson, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami Nov 07, 2019
Kids Missing Parental Models Need Guidance
Mitch Swergold, Corporate Consultant Nov 21, 2019
Mind Over Matter