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The Rote - April 1, 2023

From last weekend:

Good Day People!!

Wow! What a weekend to start April. A big THANK YOU to all of you that came to our brunch for Sailor Steve and made it a big success on Saturday.  Just goes to show ya how interesting and fun life can be when our members, friends and special guests get together and decide to celebrate. There was plenty of food and the champagne was flowing. It was great to hear about some of Sailor Steves tales at sea. Steve bragged about being 20 pounds lighter and in better shape from daily workout routines (very different from most people’s cruise experience where that much is gained!) Dunno how much of a Sailor he is, but he has perfected the art of being a leisure bum and is giving lessons on how to do the same for those that want to listen. LOL! Not to be forgotten was the 55th wedding anniversary of Susan and Robin Shelley and a belated birthday greeting to our President Brian. A big thank you again to Diane for hosting the event, and the nice gift made by her daughter that she presented to Brian to go on his “wall of grandchildren”


Special THANK YOUs to Mara and Maria for helping out with, well, just about everything they could do to make Dianes brunch a success. From prepping to washing they got it done. Fresh frittata a la Norbster and Diane’s quiches along with salmon, shrimp, bacon, bagels, Kathy Tschirhart’s famous chocolate cake and the rest filled the dining room table. Jay put on his Mr. Spielberg hat and captured some great moments while he simultaneously played DJ.  Music was cranking and people were dancing. Great to see Cathy Cahill and Patti Urban displaying some curvy moves on the dance floor followed by Norby and Bob - NO FEAR of being embarrassed - trying to outperform them to YMCA by the Village People. LOLROF!!!  


GUESTS - GUESTS - and more GUESTS!  So much fun meeting Anastasia who entertained us on the Piano and her friends from Marthas Vineyard, Laura, Kathy and Dick. We welcomed Karen Nardozza, originally from the Monterey Bay, CA area and past member of the Salinas, CA RC. Karen now lives in Miami and is looking to get involved with Rotary again. Of course, our regular guests showed up too. Great to see Sparkie and Tom Folkers from the RC of Coconut Grove, our own Claudia and Johnny Domo with son Paxton, and Sheila and Jay Lewis. Who am I missing? 


A great big shout out to our members that made this a very special day! 

Submitted by

Brian, Norby, and Diane



The Rote - April 6, 2023

Scribe: Linda Singer

President Brian Tschirhart presided over the meeting held both in person at The Miami Yacht Club and by Zoom ( that had to be closed due to poor connection and feedback, we apologize).


Invocation: Diane Stieber

Pledge of Allegiance: Cory Gittner

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

  • Dick Pratt, of a Rotary Club in Martha’s Vineyard;

  • Laura Persad, a guest interested in our club; and

  • Carmen Zankow.


President Brian informed us that the club’s social event that was to take place on April 13th has been cancelled; that there will be a social event on April 20th with details being planned now.


Todays speakers are Miami Police Department Chief Manuel MannyMorales and Officer Jihanna Mayorga. Officer Mayorga is the handler of a special rescue dog named Freckles, who is part of the police department. The dog helps comfort people in the community during occasions of crisis and aids officers following difficult situations at work. Freckles was adopted from Animal Services. She had to be rehabilitated and is now one of the most popular members of the Miami Police Department. She helped those impacted by the terrible Champlain Towers South Condominium collapse and more recently she provided comfort to people suffering the after effects of Hurricane Ian.

On May 6th at Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove, Freckles is having a meet and greet. Check out her Instagram page: Freckles MPD.


Happy $$$

Todays contributions will benefit the GirlsLittle Haiti Football Club.

Robin and Susan Shelley are happy to meet Freckles.

Diane Landsberg was happy for everyone who came to her home the previous Saturday to greet our traveling sailor, Steve Dutton, who was in port for a very short time.

Dave Skinner expressed his joy for the social event last Saturday and for todays visitors.

Angel Rodriguez, who rejoined our club, is happy to be back and expressed gratefulness for our clubs donation to the Armed Forces Service Center. He mentioned how pleased he was that a member of the Miami Police Departments force, Armando Aguilar, had attended the Young Marines, which Angel ran.

Diane Stieber is joyous for her new grandchild.

Marcia Brod enjoyed a great early Passover with her family.

Noreen Timoney is happy to support the GirlsLittle Haiti Football Club.

Norby Rudel is happy to see our visitors and announced that he will be playing and singing at Schnebleys on Sunday, April 9th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Brian Tschirhart is pleased to help the GirlsLittle Haiti Football Club. He then presented Diane Stieber with the Presidential Service Award signed by President Joseph Biden.



Visitor Laura Persad had the right ticket; however, she did not pick the ace of spades.

4-Way Test was led by Noreen Timoney.