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The Rote: July, 29 2021
Happy Hour via ZOOM
Scribe:  Bunny Uriarte
President Noreen Timony welcomed everyone to our July 29, 2021 Happy Hour. This was the first Happy Hour of Noreen’s presidential term which began July 1st of this year. Today’s Happy Hour theme is Space, the new Frontier. 
We had 19 in attendance including four guests, amongst which was the Vice President of the Rotary Club of Ensenada in Argentina, Nestor Becker with his wife and our friend Nagjiyoti Bollapragada from India. Welcome to our distinguished international guests. President Noreen Timoney shared some historical facts of the day.
  • President Noreen Timoney announced that due to the uptick in Covid-19 cases with the Delta Variant in Florida, the August 12th meeting will now be held on Zoom. Our club will continue meeting on Zoom until further notice. 
  • Robin Shelley updated the club on the upcoming Rotary District 6990 Conference. Robin explained that District 6990 is made up of about 49 clubs in our District. This year’s District Conference invites all of these clubs to meet in Naples, Florida at The Naples Grande Beach Resort from September 10-12, 2021
  • President Noreen Timoney led us in a game of “All things Outer Space” themed trivia. The LUCKY winners included Linda Singer, Jay Almeida, Brian Tschirhart, Diane Steiber, Susan Shelley, and Robin Shelley. Winners had a choice of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Gift cards.
Musical snippets: President Noreen played some musical snippets that had a space theme, these were; Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To the Moon", Ray Charles' "Moon over Miami" and Elton John's "Rocket Man".
Happy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:
Today’s Happy Dollars focused on our personal connections to Outer Space.
  • Diane Stieber kicked us off by sharing she is happy because her dog is recovering from eye surgery and she very much cherishes her childhood memories of watching rocket launches in to space with her family.
  • Linda Singer is happy because she and Dave Singer just finished a wonderful trip where they visited relatives from Israel and California.
  • Susan Shelley is happy because she has a connection to Gene Roddenberry who was the creator of Star Trek. Gene’s son-in-law was Steven Lewis and he was Susan’s brother.
  • Robin Shelley announced his connection to Neil Armstrong, who was a member of the same college fraternity at a different University. Robin also announced he is happy about the next Rotary International Convention which is scheduled for June 4-8th 2022 in Houston Texas, home of the US Space Center. The convention will feature tours through the US Space Center.
  • Shirly Pardon is happy because of her connection to Richard Branson who lived on a houseboat at the end of her street in England before he branched into the flight field and traveled in his rocket to the edge of outer space.
  • Noreen Timony is happy because she was involved in the creation of a Challenger Space Center where they reused an old school building. It brings her much joy to have been part of that effort and know that thousands of young children will be enhancing their education through the science learning and space shuttle simulation.
  • Brian Tschirhart was happy because his daughter, who has been living in Denver, will be moving to North Georgia and will finally be closer to home.
  • Carlos Bonadilla is happy because his family just returned from vacation to the beautiful state of Washington and the San Juan Islands where they had the time of their lives.
President Noreen Timoney thanked our international visitors and all who participated with special thanks to Robert, Jay, and Susan Shelley.
President Noreen shared the inspiration of the day.
 Susan Shelley led in the Four-Way Test.