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The Rote – April 27, 2023
The Miami Yacht Club and on Zoom

Scribe: Marcia Brod

President Brian Tschirhart called the meeting to order. Jay Almeida gave an invocation and Phil Seipp led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.



On Thursday, April 20 we had a social - Jay Almeida spoke about the gathering of members last Thursday at 50 Biscayne, soon to be our new meeting space. It was a good way for folks to check out our new space and enjoy fellowship, good food and a gorgeous view. We look forward to this move and the potential growth of the club from folks in the downtown area.

On Thursday, April 22 a District Training Session was held for incoming presidents, secretaries and treasurers. Phil Seipp reported that Diane Landsberg, Robert Bull and Norby Rudel were all recognized for their contributions to the District at the meeting.

Today, Thursday April 27Robin Shelley is being honored by the Ronald McDonald House Foundation as one 12 Good Men. We missed you today at the Club meeting, but congratulate you on this important acknowledgement of your charitable work.

This Saturday, April 29Diane Landsberg invited everyone to help out at the Interact Peace Conference being held this coming Saturday and the Miami PBA facility. There will be outstanding speakers and amazing students who are active in their local Interact Club. The program starts with registration at 8:30am.

President Brian spoke about his trip back in time to Texas A&M for his 50th college reunion. He admitted that things have changed just a bit in 50 years!

Phil Seipp came across some Rotary Club of Miami polo shirts and they are available for sale at $10 each. Contact Phil for details.

President Brian also shared a report from Phil Seipp about the 2022 50/50 Foundation match offered to all contributions to the Thomas Brown McClelland Trust. Contributions from Alumni alone totaled $40,366. Donations from other sources were $4,114. In May, the Miami Rotary Foundation will present a check to match donated funds to the Trust of $44,480. Congratulations to all!!!

Today’s Program

Dr. Ben Mathis is the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner at the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department. After receiving his medical degree from Brown, he completed a residency in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of Pennsylvania.

As part of his responsibilities, Dr. Mathis assists the Director in carrying out the ME’s office’s mission of providing accurate, timely, dignified, compassionate and professional death investigative services for the residents of Miami-Dade County, together with education, consultation and research for local and national medical, legal, academic and law enforcement communities.

The Medical Examiner’s office here in Miami-Dade County has long time Rotary connections. Its Director of 50 years, Dr. Joe Davis and Dr. Bruce Hyma, Director from 2001-16, were both members of the Rotary Club of Miami. Norm Kassoff, current member and Club Historian, also worked at the ME’s office for many years. Those connections helped established the partnership that has allowed the Club to use their offices for our TBM Scholarship Applicants interviews.

Dr. Mathis spoke about the difference between a coroner and a medical examiner. There is a great mixture of both throughout the U.S.

In Miami-Dade County the Police, State Attorney and the Medical Examiner are view as three independent parties that work together to achieve consensus in matters of the community’s interest. Dr. Mathis has a demanding job and his work, along with those in his department, are greatly appreciated by everyone.


4-Way TestDiane Landsberg