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The Rote - May 4, 2023

Via Zoom

Scribe: Linda Singer


President Brian Tschirhart presided over the meeting held by Zoom.

Invocation: Robin Shelley

Pledge of Allegiance: Phil Seipp



The 2023 Interact District Conference was held on April 29, 2023. Diane Landsberg presented her report and photos, with input by Norby Rudel. One of the speakers was Tony Montalto, the father of a child who died in the Parkland massacre. He founded Stand with Parkland. Rotary Club of Miami donated $500 to Stand with Parkland. Norby was the facilitator. Our own member, Claudita Domo, spoke on etiquette to the attendees, which should give them excellent life lessons for how to comport themselves for success.


Next week’s meeting will be in person at 50 Biscayne Blvd. More information will follow.



Today’s speaker was Stuart Oglesby, the Clinical Product Director of Vivex Biologics (see Vivex researches and develops many types of regenerative biologic products used in medicine and dentistry. It is a private company that took over the University of Miami Bone and Tissue bank founded by our member, Theodore (“Ted”) Malinin, approximately fifty years ago. Mr. Oglesby gave a survey of various types of products and conditions for which the products are helpful. As a greater understanding would require more scientific and medical knowledge to be able to recap here, you may look at A thoughtful question and answer session ensued after the speech.


4-Way Test was led by Norby Rudel.