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The Rote – January 20, 2022
Via Zoom
Scribe:  Marcia Brod
President Noreen Timoney started the meeting by thanking Diane Landsberg for the use of a new Rotary bell to kick the meeting off and welcomed everyone! She recognized our guests and she, Robert, and Phil thanked Charlotte and Jens for their participation in our meetings and generous donations to our Club.
Shirley Pardon gave an inspirational invocation.
Diane Stieber led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Today is History: January 20th is the day that many U.S. Presidents have been sworn in.  In 1981, President Ronald Reagan was sworn in on this day and within minutes of his swearing in the 52 hostages in Iran were released after being held for 444 days.
President Noreen gave a big shout out to everyone who came to the Rotary Barbeque and thanked Dave Skinner, Robert Bull, Diane Landsberg among others for their organizational skills and providing supplies.  Special thanks went to Jay Almeida for his exceptional culinary skills.  Thanks also to all Rotarians who attended, came early to set up, brought food, ice, etc., danced, had fun and helped with the clean up.  It was a wonderful day. She thanked visiting Rotarians, Gloria Burns from Coral Gables and Aleta and Eric Williiams from Chicago, who attended the picnic.  Jay and Robert shared pictures of all enjoying food and fun and showed videos of the “dancing queens” swaying to Jay’s great musical playlist.
Up Coming Events
District Interact Conference - Saturday, February 5 District Interact Conference at MDC.  Volunteers are needed to help.  Arrival time would be around 8am.  The Conference will end at 3pm.  It is a great opportunity to meet some great young people and help out.  Contact Diane Lansberg if you wish to participate.
Thursday, February 10 – There will be NO regular Thursday meeting…..j
TBM/FIU Pinning Ceremony - Friday, February 11 TBM/FIU Pinning Ceremony.  The event will be at 5pm on the FIU Campus.  Traffic is always difficult, but your participation is strongly encouraged.  Meet some of our TBM recipients, their faculty advisors and even their proud parents.  It’s a wonderful event.
Phil Seipp talked about the pinning ceremony and the importance of this event and the upcoming TBM interviews with candidates for scholarship awards for their medical evaluation.  The interviews will be held on the first three Saturdays of March: March 5th, 12th and 19th.
Tree Planting on Saturday, Febrary 12 – Help our environment by planting trees on Key Biscayne.
Monday, February 14th – Join us as we celebrate Valentine’s Day at Diane Landsberg’s home.  $15/person or $25/couple.  What a great way to celebrate without struggling with the crazy holiday crowds at a local restaurant.  Celebrate with everyone you love all in one spot!  RSVP required.
Coral Restoration Project: Saturday, March 5th – The Club will be snorkeling in Key Largo with the Coral Reef Restoration Project.  The number of participants is limited so be sure to reach out to Robert Bull to reserve your spot.  Cost is $100 – of which $50 is a donation to the Restoration Foundation.  The boat sails at 9:00 am.
Today’s Keynote Speaker
Robert Bull introduced today’s speaker, Dr. Michael HoganBorn in Newport, Rhode Island in 1943, Dr. Hogan is the author of eighteen books, including a collection of short stories, six books of poetry, collected essays on teaching in Latin America, a novel, and a history of the Irish battalion in Mexico which formed the basis for an MGM movie starring Tom Berenger;
Dr. Hogan shared details from his latest book:  Women of the Irish Rising: A People's History, a story of the women who put their lives on the line for Irish freedom. They were not only the nurses, cooks, and couriers, but also gunrunners, sharpshooters, and organizers. Many who barely received mention in mainstream histories are fully revealed here both in their own words and by those who witnessed their incredible courage and leadership. Over 250 women took part in the Irish Rising, more than 70 were imprisoned, and one was sentenced to death by the British;
Just a few of the remarkable women during this period include Molly Childers, Margaret Skinnider, Constance Markovitch and Nellie Gifford;
Dr. Hogan was inspired by his daughter;s success at overcoming many obstacles in life.  She also worked with President Bill Clinton during his travels to Ireland. Dr. Hogan is a wonderful storyteller and we look forward to reading this book and hearing from him after his next book is completed.
Now that we have all heard some of the amazing stories of these brave women, we may purchase this book (WOMEN OF THE IRISH RISING: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY) on Amazon.
President Noreen thanked Dr. Hogan for his presentation and presented him his certificate and let him know that a tree will be planted in his honor.
Happy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Diane Steiber contributed in honor of the women in today’s story and on behalf of her four daughters;Diane Landsberg thanked Jay Almeida for his work on the Barbeque and everyone who attended and helped out.  Steve Dutton thanked Dr. Hogan for his storytelling on behalf of his granddaughter.  Susan Shelley thanked Dr. Hogan and encouraged everyone to read his boo.  Noreen Timoney thanked Jay fo spearheading the planning for the BBQ and for his wonderful barbeque skills and everyone who participated and helped; Noreen also thanked Dr. Hogan for once again sharing great stories from history, especially this one about strong women. Robert Bull also thanked Dr. Hogan for his presentation and Jay for his BBQ talents.  Phill Seipp is looking forward to the TBM/FIU pinning ceremony.  He also encouraged everyone to set up a prepaid account with the club;. Brian Tschirhart thanks Dr. Hogan and also shared that he had a wonderful family camping adventure.
Today’s Thought for the Day is a quote from Dr. Martin LNuther King, Jr.  President Noreen asked that you embrace it today and throughout your life.
Four-Way Test - The 4 Way Test of the things we Think, Say and Do was led by Shirley Pardon.
The meeting was adjourned with President Noreen Timoney the striking of the new Rotary bell.