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Rote: July 20, 2021
Evening Satellite Club Meeting via ZOOM
David Anderson welcomed everyone to our July 20th Rotary Club of Miami Evening Satellite Club ZOOM Meeting. We had fourteen in attendance including a few midday Club members who were having difficulty attending the midday meeting due to scheduling issues. 
Bunny Uriarete gave the invocation.  Jay Almeida led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
David Anderson then displayed Shekhar Mehta’s (Rotary International President 2021 -2022) them for the year; SERVE TO CHANGE LIVES He reminded us that the base of Rotary is the individual Clubs and each of us have the power to Change Lives and even Save Lives.  As an example, the Polio campaign stared in a single Club in the Philippines.  It grew from there and now is one of the key projects of Rotary International.  We have been so successful, that Bill Gates, through his foundation, has become a major benefactor to this program.
Alpha Generator Investment Club: Dave Anderson proceeded to review the activities of this Club.  It’s a Florida LLC that was established by a group of Rotary Club of Miami Members.  Pools of funds from the Members will be invested in Common Stock and while most members are new to investing, together, we will learn to earn and from each other.  Each member must pay an initial fee of $100 to cover the formation costs and other services.  Members are required to invest only $50/month and once a member has accumulate $300, their funds will be invested within the pooled funds.  As an investment Club, speculative trades and active day trading are not be allowed.  Each member is encouraged to share their experiences but must realize that the Club does not offer investment advice.
ESMAG – Environmental Sustainability Miami Action Group: Robert Bull then explained to the group that ESMAG was formed as an Action Group to address environmental issues in our area.  ESMAG is part of the Community Service Committee. We have a website: and a Facebook page. Our next upcoming project is on September 18th, when we will participate in the International Coastal CleanupMany thousand across the World will be cleaning up the beach on that day.The Club has also an association with ENDPLASTICSOUP, entity created in Dutch Clubs with the goal of eliminating plastic pollution in our oceans by 2050. We are also planning on working on Coral Reef Regeneration and expect to have a speaker from the Coral Restoration Foundation shortly. We also plan to participate with one of these projects in October.  This will be a hands-on experience.  If you do NOT scuba, do not worry, snorkelers will be welcome.
Later in the year, we will have a tree-planting project in association with Million Tree Miami. 
Honey Bee Project: Pollinators are in danger and the bee population has declined drastically across the world.  Bees are extremely important in the pollination process of our fruits and vegetables.  David Anderson is working on a honeybee project for our Club for later this year.
Four-Way Test: The meeting ended with Robert Bull leading us with Four-Way Test of the things,we think, say or do.