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The Rotary Club of Miami has been active providing financial support for international projects dealing with sanitation, health care, literacy and supporting the Rotary International project to END POLIO.

Our most recent project include:

Supporting the Rebuilding of the only Hospital on Grand Bahama Island:

In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian devastated Grand Bahama Island. The only hospital on the Island, Rand Memorial Hospital, was flooded.  

The Rotary Clubs on the Island created project GBI Rx to help fund these expenses. The Rotary Club of Miami stepped up to help and has pledged $50,000, and will match any & all contributions up to a total of $100,000.

Working with Rotary Clubs in Guatemala to support victims of Hurricanes

In November Central America was hit by two hurricanes (ETA & IOTA) which created destruction and floods.  The Rotary Clubs in Guatemala created the Rotary Emergency Committee of Guatemala and our Club provided financial support.


Working with a Peruvian Rotary Club, Rotary Club Tambo Huancayo

COVID has devastated many countries.  Peru was hit severely and the people who live high in the mountains, where oxygen is limited, many were dying.  Together with a local Club, Rotary Club Tambo Huancayo, we were able to get oxygen tanks, regulators and nasal cannulas.

Global Grant for Guatemala Literacy

The Rotary Club of Miami supported a Global Grant to address literacy in Guatemala.  

End Polio Now

Rotary Club of Miami through its Foundation and Membership participation is a supporter of Rotary International's program to END POLIO.  Currently Polio outbreaks are only in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Below are some listing of our prior years projects:

The Rotary Club of Miami also provides financial support for international projects dealing with literacy, sanitation, clean water, as well as participating in the major Rotary International project to eradicate Polio worldwide.  After the terrific damage suffered by Haiti from back-to-back natural disasters, our club raised $70,000 to provide humanitarian aid and fund a hospital-based program to train local citizens to be medical professionals. The Rotary Club of Miami is one of 34,000 independent clubs worldwide that together supports Rotary International ( and its global philanthropic efforts. Rotary International focuses on health, education, alleviation of poverty, and international goodwill.
The following is a partial list of some recent projects where our club made significant donations and helped raise even more through cooperation and matching grants:

Dominican Republic – Literacy Project

The Rotary Club of Miami was instrumental in raising $56,000 through our club, Rotary International ( District and Foundation) and private donors.  The funds were used to provide a literacy program through AlfaLit to children in 5 villages outside of Santo Domingo.  The program will benefit almost 1,000 children through the third grade.  Click here for details.

Peru - Water Filtration Project

Provided financial support to purchase and install a water filtration system in a remote, poor, underserved area of Peru that now provides clean, safe water to over 4,000 people.  Through the generosity of our members, two other Rotary Clubs in the US, and matching grants, we raised almost $38,000 for this project.

Haiti – Disaster Relief/Development Project

Our efforts in Haiti go back 30 years.  More recently, immediately after the devastating earthquake and hurricane, club members donated money for disaster relief.  For on-going improvement, the Rotary Club of Miami raised $70,000 through donations, matching grants and support from Rotary International.  The project funded a hospital-based program to train medical professionals and paraprofessionals to increase the availability and quality of care in Haiti. 

Ghana – Water Project

Through efforts by members of the Rotary Club of Miami, Rotary International became involved with a major water distribution and sanitation project serving 18 villages with over 50,000 people.  With clean water and functioning sanitation systems, the health and well-being of these 50,000 people has been significantly improved. 

Colombia - Soybean Processing Project

The Rotary Club of Miami contributed funds to a Rotary project in Colombia that purchased and installed food processing machinery.  The operation now provides soy milk and other products for 400 children.