Thomas Brown McClelland was a professional horticulturalist who worked for the USDA.  He joined the Rotary Club of Miami in 1939 and was an active member until his death in 1980.  In his will, Mr. McClelland endowed a scholarship fund for medical school students.  The initial bequest was $2.5 million.  Through careful management by the trustees, the principal has grown to over $5 million.  Using the income from the fund, the Rotary Club of Miami has awarded over 1,000 scholarships totaling more than $5.5 million to medical school students that graduated from a Miami-Dade County high school.

Besides financial management of the trust, Rotary Club of Miami members continue to evaluate applications, conduct interviews and recommend awardees.  The time and effort required to fulfill the obligation and responsibility left to the club is significant.  But, every member that has participated in the process has really enjoyed it.  It is very satisfying to meet and help so many incredibly bright medical school students.

Medical school students who graduated from a high school in Miami-Dade County are encouraged to apply.  The high school can be public or private.  The students can be recently accepted and starting their first year, or they can be beginning their second or third year.  Candidates can apply all three years of medical school regardless of whether they have been awarded previously.  If you qualify, please complete an application.