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Who We Are

The Rotary Club of Miami is a volunteer organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide to provide humanitarian service and help build goodwill and peace. Whether you're a veteran volunteer or new to community service, we're looking for members that want to apply the ideal of service in their personal, business and community life. Please contact Norby Rudel, Membership Chair for information.
The Rotary Club of Miami is the fifth oldest Rotary Club in Florida, having received its charter on March 1, 1917, after being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Jacksonville.  The history of the club is closely related to Miami‚Äôs early founders.  Its first president was Dr. James Jackson, who participated in the early development and many civic aspects of the new City of Miami.  Upon his death in 1926, the community recognized Dr. Jackson for his many outstanding contributions by establishing Jackson Memorial Hospital in his honor.

What We Do

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